Sunday, June 2, 2013

And here is how we are spending our summer...

Noah has been playing baseball for the past few weeks!  He is halfway done with his season and is doing better every game.  His last game was awesome!  He got a hit, he pitched a full inning and struck a couple kids out, made a great play to first base, and did some good work at shortstop.  He is having so much fun!  He even googled "how to improve your pitching" and read some articles before his game so he could get ready!  I love that kid!

The rest of my kiddos, except Eli, are playing soccer!  They had their first game yesterday and it was so much fun!  Tell me they aren't the cutest soccer players you have ever laid your eyes on!!  So so fun to watch them!

 Talia scored a goal!  Of course I didn't get it on video but it was awesome!

 Asher may have helped score a couple of goals for the other team but he seriously looked so dang cute running around out there!

 He tripped over one of the other kids and smacked his head on the ground!  We had some tears but once I kissed it better and got him some water, he was back in the game! 

I think soccer may be Aidan's game!  He is so tough and has no fear whatsoever!  He was running and sliding and having the best time!  He did so great!  Can't wait to watch his next game!


Kindergarten graduation!

Aidan graduated from Kindergarten!  He did so well this year!  He is reading super well and his teacher said he was ready to move on months ago!  Watch out first grade because Aidan is on his way!

 Getting his diploma from Mr. Brown and Mrs. Hamblin!

 Aidan and Mrs. Williams, the aide for his class (aka. Katrina...well at home and at church!)

Aidan and his teacher, Mrs. Hamblin!  She is amazing and he sure loved her!

 Aidan and his friend Marissa!  She really likes Aidan...a lot!  He likes her too...just not as much!  A few months ago, she told him that he looks cute in sweaters.  Needless to say, he NEVER wore a sweater again!  I sure love that kid!

 First grade, First grade!!
It's official!!  Kindergarten graduate!!


School's out for the summer!!

 Last day of first grade!!
Last day of third grade!!
Last day of kindergarten!!

End of year awards!

 Talia received the Eagle Scholar award for being the top student in her class!

 Aidan received the Eagle scholar award too!  He is one smart kindergartner!

Noah and Aidan received an award for perfect attendance!  Pretty impressive if you ask me!  There were only 9 kids out of 450 students and two of them are mine!!

All of our kids worked super hard at school this year!  Their teachers were so impressed with each of them!  I am so glad they have such an awesome school to go to where they are learning and growing every day!  Every single one of them did a fantastic job and I am so so proud!

Aunt Yuki came to visit!!

Aunt Yuki came for a visit!  It was so fun and I was excited to get to take a picture of our kids together!  For the record, it is REALLY REALLY hard to get seven kids to look at you at the same time!  These pictures prove it!  I loved having them stop by even if it was just for a couple of hours!

Dancing Queen...

Talia is done with dance for the year and had her spring recital! I may be slightly ENTIRELY biased but I think she is just the prettiest little girl EVER!  She did a great job and I got a little misty eyed watching her dance.  She is growing up WAY too fast for her mom!

Way to go sissy!!  We are so proud of you!

My raccoons from story time...

I have turned over a new leaf and started to take the boys to story time at the library.  Now that we have two cars for the first time, I have NO excuse.  Asher loves it and Eli likes about the first 30 seconds.  They made these cute little raccoon hats and pretended to be raccoons for the rest of the day!

First place!!

Talia and Aidan entered a Young Author's competition this year at their school!  They both did and awesome job!  Talia wrote a book called "My Pet" and Aidan wrote a book about Army Rangers!  If I could have been a judge, they both would have taken first place but this time only Talia won!  She loves to write and it shows!  She was the only first grader from her school to win so we were pretty excited for her!

Congratulations Talia!  We are so proud of you!

Noah's ninth birthday...

My Noah is NINE!!  He is getting so handsome and looking more grown up every day.  He is such a good boy!  He is enjoying playing baseball and is working so hard on his reading!  I am just so dang proud of the great kid he is!  I love him so much!  Happy happy birthday buddy!
 Bacon, eggs, and toast on a school morning!  I must really love this kid!
 His Ninjago birthday cake!

 He was so excited to get his clothes, MP3 player, and a new bike!
 Happy birthday Noah! 

My baking buddies...

Worth the mess every single time!

Eli is TWO!!

 Eli is two...TWO!!  He is such a fun boy!  He is FULL of energy and might be the most mischievous child we have ever had!  He keeps me on my toes all the time but I honestly couldn't love him more if I tried.  He is FINALLY talking and it is adorable!  He repeats everything you say!  His prayers are my favorite and I love how he says the word empty!  I just love love love him and am so glad he joined our family two years ago!

 Dinner on the birthday dishes!
 Noodles and alfredo sauce for the birthday boy!! 
 He loved all of his presents!
 Presents!  Round two!
His monster birthday cake!  It might be one of my favorites!

He loved all the attention and especially blowing out the candles!