Sunday, June 2, 2013

And here is how we are spending our summer...

Noah has been playing baseball for the past few weeks!  He is halfway done with his season and is doing better every game.  His last game was awesome!  He got a hit, he pitched a full inning and struck a couple kids out, made a great play to first base, and did some good work at shortstop.  He is having so much fun!  He even googled "how to improve your pitching" and read some articles before his game so he could get ready!  I love that kid!

The rest of my kiddos, except Eli, are playing soccer!  They had their first game yesterday and it was so much fun!  Tell me they aren't the cutest soccer players you have ever laid your eyes on!!  So so fun to watch them!

 Talia scored a goal!  Of course I didn't get it on video but it was awesome!

 Asher may have helped score a couple of goals for the other team but he seriously looked so dang cute running around out there!

 He tripped over one of the other kids and smacked his head on the ground!  We had some tears but once I kissed it better and got him some water, he was back in the game! 

I think soccer may be Aidan's game!  He is so tough and has no fear whatsoever!  He was running and sliding and having the best time!  He did so great!  Can't wait to watch his next game!



Alli E. said...

Fun! Cute kiddos!

virginia mae said...

Oh my word... They are so big especially asher...when did he grow up ..

Tammy said...

Sounds like Aiden plays soccor like his dad. I remember we used to call it "full contact tackle soccor" when Nate played!